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iPhone retro arcade title "UDF: Spitfire" is available now!
Auckland-based SquidJuice Games, the developer of "UDF: 3D Tactics", has released the first in a new line of arcade style iPhone games, "UDF: Spitfire". The new line will continue the "United Defense Force" (UDF) series of titles, and will be collectively called "UDF: Arcade".

"UDF: Spitfire" brings back retro arcade action in a futuristic setting. Players fly a futuristic re-imagining of the Spitfire aircraft through a range of different regions, fighting off the enemy invaders. Tilting the iPhone controls the pitch of the aircraft, and tapping on the screen fires the weapons. The player will face off against different enemies with unique strategies, as well as huge bosses that the player must find a way to defeat.

"UDF: Spitfire" has numerous innovations, including the ability of the player's aircraft to become infected with various viruses, bringing new powers. Once the aircraft is infected, the player may draw certain gestures on the screen to cause special effects such as freezing time or destroying all enemies. Viruses also bring new weaponry and armour. Also, the game has a unique "Boost Meter", which gives the player bonuses for accurate shots by depleting when the player fires the weapon, and filling when an enemy is hit. The "Boost Meter" allows the player to access additional weaponry, such as rockets.

A website containing more details is available at, and a trailer is available at

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