Age of Blood

Galaxy Interactive reveal upcoming Unreal Engine 4 powered ARPG Age of Blood.

Age of Blood from indie developer Galaxy Interactive is the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 powered ARPG which has recently been Greenlit on Steam. Playing as either Cael or Ariet, adventurers find themselves marooned on the Island of Heavens Fall, but after a failed invasion our heroes find themselves locked in a battle against the Scourge, a technologically advanced and psychically enhanced menace not of this world.

Harnessing the power of the gods both Cael and Ariet utilise a vast array of skills specialising in either Necromancy, Demonology, or Angelology. As Cael you’ll engage in bone-breaking close-combat or annihilate your foes from afar in third-person magic based combat incorporating forbidden magic and summoned monsters.

Trapped on Heaven’s Fall island, players will discover long forgotten temples, be challenged to solving nefarious puzzles, explore perilous locations, and ultimately uncover the secrets of the Scourge and a mysterious ancient race with the ultimate goal of banishing the Scourge from the world once and for all.

Today Galaxy Interactive unveil the first trailer for the game which highlights four of the game’s different environments including an arena repurposed as a holding pen for failed experiments, a Scourge laboratory, an other-dimensional control room, and one of the many temples on the island.

More information about Age of Blood can be found in the game’s official website and the Steam Greenlight page.

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