The steampunk tactical warfare of WARMACHINE: Tactics 20% during Steam winter sale!

Privateer Press and indie game developer WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc have teamed up to re-imagine the award-winning tabletop game WARMACHINE as a turn-based strategy game for PC and Mac. Featuring competitive, tactical multiplayer and 20 in-depth levels of story driven single player campaign, the game is sure to engage both established WARMACHINE fans and new players alike.

Key Features: 

  • Squad-level, turn based tactical game featuring both multiplayer and single player campaign.
  • Head to head and scenario play for competitive, community-driven multiplayer.
  • Customizable squad loadouts with nearly endless possibilities for playstyle.
  • 5 Factions (Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Protectorate and Mercenaries) with 12 Warcasters and 56 units, each with a different aesthetic, backstory, and tactical advantage. New units, factions and exclusive in game rewards release regularly!
  • Available for PC and Mac.
  • Never before seen environment, characters and story.
  • Holiday themed events, in-game skins, and exclusive DLC rewards during December!
  • Regular expansions in the form of campaign and themed bundles, new characters, new factions and new storyline. Continuous hands on support from active development team.
  • Tons of developer run, community-driven events, as well as events organized by our active, passionate playerbase.
  • Tie-ins and crossovers with the WARMACHINE tabletop game – Our characters in their game, and their characters in ours.
  • One of the very first games to be released on the all new UE4 engine!