Cyberpunk 2077- SIDE Announces Their Involvement in Cyberpunk 2077

SIDE, award-winning games industry audio provider, known for their twenty-five years of cutting-edge work within the global entertainment market, announced today that they were the exclusive English Language voice production partner to CD PROJEKT RED on the highly-anticipated open world game, Cyberpunk 2077.

SIDE cited some impressive stats from this project, including 2,500 hours spent recording voice performances for the game, “We knew that this would be a massive undertaking,” said Los Angeles Head of Studio Jacquie Shriver Sladeck, “Between London and LA, we delivered 117,586 total audio files to the team at CDP.”

Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz, English Adaptation Director, CDPR noted, “The project was unprecedented in terms of scope and complexity. If you look at line numbers and cast size and, above all, at cast diversity – we went so far beyond the Witcher series it’s crazy. And I venture to say SIDE delivered on these aspects as few other outfits could or would even dare to try. SIDE made skilled production and engineering staff, directors and talent available to us throughout the project – a not insignificant span of time. And they did so at multiple sites, often on short notice. Quality services, world-class results, work that pushes the creative envelope – that’s what we rely on SIDE to provide.”

The connection with CD PROJEKT RED has been long-term for SIDE, “We’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing and highly-anticipated titles in the past. It’s very exciting to get on board with projects like this – they have complex characters, big stories, lots to work with! Then you roll up your sleeves and get to work alongside the devs, figuring out what’s needed, by when, and how we’re going to do it. Our own quality threshold is high, so we knew we would be able to deliver.” says Sini Downing, Head of Production at SIDE London. 

Martin Vaughan CDG, SIDE’s in-house Casting Director, says, “The great thing about working with CDPR is that the worlds they create are conceived in such a vivid and specific way. For casting, it’s fantastic because it really helps to give a clear vision of what we’re aiming for and the type of performers that will be required to bring these characters to life. They were very generous throughout all stages of casting, providing us with early character art, detailed backstories and rough cuts of cinematics to help ground who these characters were and the context they existed in.”

Jacquie Shriver Sladeck concluded, “We have been so honored to work on Cyberpunk 2077. It’s been almost three years of collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED and now we can’t wait to play the game along with the rest of the players eagerly anticipating this title.”