From “Red like Roses” to “Come to Light”: Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams Tailor a Theme Soundtrack for Arknights First Anniversary

Arknights global celebrated its First Anniversary by holding a live stream on December 24th. The very first portion presented to the global players was the opening tailor-made Arknights Anniversary theme soundtrack – “Come to Light feat. Casey Lee Williams ” composed and produced by the renowned musician Jeff Williams, who acclaimed vast popularity from the RWBY series.

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This specially customized soundtrack blends Jeff Williams’ iconic and impactful music style perfectly into Arknights worldview, leading players to witness Amiya and Doctor’s journey in the past year one more time. Casey Lee Williams’ passionate and engaging voice introduces the struggles and changes on both Rhodes Island and the Reunion side, corresponding to the main theme of Arknights 1st Anniversary – “We Are Arknights”.

Another surprise Jeff and Casey Lee Williams prepare for fans is their intro video, where they revealed some behind-the-scenes of the production, as well as their motivation and inspiration for this song. “We definitely wanna create something that is still unexpected,” Casey Lee Williams explained, “There’s a really incredible sense of vulnerability and just pure conflict within this world.” 

Similar to Jeff and Casey Lee Williams, it’s also an opportunity for Arknights Global server to present something unexpected. After various music collaborations with EDM artists such as Steve Aoki and Yellow Claw, Arknights expanded their music genre by creating a more rock style soundtrack.

Besides the impressive melody, Arknights global server also creates an innovative and futuristic environment for players to enjoy the music video. By following Amiya’s footsteps, players will experience how Amiya gradually becomes the determined leader of Rhodes Island, leading her team to seek the final answer and making everything come to light.

Check out the music video now:

The full version of “Come to Light feat. Casey Lee Williams” has already been launched on all major music platforms. Don’t miss the chance on an immersive journey with Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams!

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