Pre-Register for Elsword’s Newest Character, Noah!

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, is holding a special pre-registration event in preparation for a brand new character’s arrival in Elsword – Noah. There’ll be a special Pre-Registration Event held for exclusive rewards and will begin December 30th 2020 and runs until January 11th 2021.

Check out the Noah Teaser Trailer Video here: [ Link to Info ]

Noah will be the newest character in Elsword after 2 years, and he features an assassin playstyle and utilizes a combination of fast mobility and the power of the shadows for swift, smooth and flashy gameplay. In addition, he will be the first character to feature a unique system allowing players to choose their Awakening Effect allowing players to change their Awakening to fit their situation.

And this Pre-Registration Event is specially designed to help players prepare for Noah with the “Gift From the Moon – Full Moon” item which will be a unique package exclusively delivered to new Noah Characters that have successfully pre-registered. This package will include rewards such as an EXP 100% Boost Medal, Refined Recovery Potions and Accessories (like Magic Necklace and special rings that boost Skill damage) to help Noah players power through dungeons and level up faster than before.

In addition, this package will also include an [Ariel] Noah Exclusive Custom Motion which will be a unique animation for your character that will symbolize your Noah as being an original Noah character created on release. This Custom Motion will not be available through any other means and will only be available through the pre-registration event.

Furthermore, participate in the Noah Pre-Registration Share Events for a chance at exclusive Noah Merchandise by pre-registering and creating a Noah character or by simply sharing the Noah Pre-Registration Video. The Noah Merchandise Pack will include a specially designed Noah Mousepad and Noah Facemask. 

Join the Noah Pre-Registration Page here: [ Link to Info ]

With all these exclusive rewards in preparation for the upcoming character, this is the perfect time to Pre-Register and join Elsword as we introduce the newest character, Noah to the world of Elrios. The Pre-Registration will run from December 30th 2020 to January 11th 2021 in preparation for his arrival in Elsword on January 13th 2020.