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I have been doing a little work on the site, hoping that we are going to be able to get back into things over the Christmas Vacation. So all the videos are back up so you can begin to watch them.

In the very near future you are going to be able to order DVDs. I am currently working on this system so please check back in a few days and see the updates.


The Greatest Comeback You Will Ever See
  It was a sunny afternoon at Classic Custom Field.  In the end though, it was very gloomy for residents of Poestenkill.  It started off with the game that was picked up from Sunday.  The Cougars failed to come through, blowing many opportunities to score.  The final ended up being 15-14 in favor of the Bums.  The Cougar players were looking for blood. 
The Fourth of July: Celebrating America’s Game
Tuesday, July 4th is a day where families get together to watch fireworks and eat ice cream, cake, etc.  But for wifflers around the United States, this day is also a day to celebrate not only our country’s independence, but the great game of wiffleball.
Mark Pitches Gem as Cougars rout Irish, 24-2
Coming off of an injury, Josh Sprague got the nod in just the second game of the young Fighting Irish season.  He was set to face off against undefeated Cougars pitcher, Mark Fitzpatrick.  Though his Runs Against Average was through the roof, Fitzpatrick took the hill with full confidence.
Gone, but Won’t be Forgotten
As the 2006 GKWL season shifts into summer gear, bad news has swarmed the league.  The Hendrickson brothers, Mike and Nick, will be moving to Sacramento shortly, and will no longer be full time Bums.  The league will honor them by possibly creating a hall of fame, and no other Bum will ever wear the number 5 again (the number worn by Mike Hendrickson). 
ET Finally Gets It
Cougars rookie second baseman Earl Turner, commonly known as ET or Mr. Fantastic, is finally understanding the GKWL.  Slowly climbing into the role of “solid”, the Cougars think they may have found a worthy candidate to replace All Star Kyle Brown.

Cougars Defeat Bums at Classic Custom, Fitzpatrick Fans 11
On Friday, June 23rd, the Cougars traveled to Classic Custom Field to face the Poestenkill Bums.  The game was much anticipated as the Cougars and Bums would meet for their 5th  of 8 meetings this 2006 season.  It would be the first of which the Bums would host the Cougars.

Cougars Win a Tight one against Averill Park
While everyone got off the bus on Wednesday, May 31st 2006, one thing was on everybody’s mind.  Wiffleball.  They all knew that they were in a close race in the division, and were ready to prove themselves at 3:30.
Cougars Lay an Egg in Memorial Day Thriller
The Colehamer Cougars and the Averill Park Sea Bass matched up against each other in a Memorial Day game that will certainly stick in the Cougars memory for a long time.  After an embarrassing game one in a Sea Bass doubleheader, the boys from Averill Park were ready to strike. 
Cougars fight back, but Fall Short
The Colehamer Cougars faced their first defeat of the season against the Poestenkill Bums.  Matt Fischer threw aspirin tablets to Cougars hitters, striking out massive numbers of people.  Scott Fitzpatrick, Cougars pitcher, was on his game as well, creating a pitchers duel at Triscari Field.
Cougars Walk Off With a Win
For the first time in the 2006 regular season, the arch rivals Colehamer Cougars and Poestenkill Bums faced off.  The Cougars were in search of their 40th win in franchise history, and the Bums had their eyes on a half game lead in their division.  An important game it was, and also one where you wish nobody had to lose.  Today set history.  The first walk-off home run in wiffleball history, and the farthest home run was also hit today, as well as the first triple play...one player accomplished all this.  If you missed it, well, shame on you.
An Ugly Opener for Cougars, but a Victory Nonetheless
On a windy afternoon at Triscari Field, on April 17th, the Gamerskey Wiffleball League held their season opener.  The matchup was the Brunswick Fighting Irish going head to head with the World Champion Colehamer Cougars.  Dylan Sprague took the hill for the Irish and Mark Fitzpatrick got the nod for Colehamer.
Few Site Changes
With the season getting ready to start, I am going to be making a few changes to the site. Some of them are going to be visible others are not.
Turner Knocks in 4, Big Part of Cougars Victory
The Cougars improved to 3-0 yesterday with a win against the Fighting Irish, but without the new guy, Earl Turner, the Cougars would’ve lost and been tied for the division lead. 
 Another exciting week of GKWL action has been put to rest as we motor towards winter break.  New teams have registered, a team has changed their name, the website has been revamped, and the Cougars pulled one out to start the week, so lets get started on this week’s wiffleball action.
  New starter, converted setup man, Mark Fitzpatrick made his first appearance of the season.  The Brunswick Fighting Irish came to town ready to play some wiffleball.  It looks like they’ve been practicing hard at Winter Training, and it paid off as together, they bombed 7 homers off of Cougars pitching.  5 off starter Mark Fitzpatrick.  Somehow though, the Cougars held their own and squeezed out a 23-20 victory. 
  The latest news out of the GKWL is that more stats will be kept during the upcoming season.  A few of which include batting average, runs against average and on-base percentage.  These are important stats and will contribute to the production of several new awards following the 2006 season.  Although the league would like to see these particular stats being kept for each team, it is the responsibility of each franchise to keep batting average and on-base percentage.
Bash Brothers Boost Cougars to 8-4 Victory
It was a chilly 30 degree afternoon at the frozen tundra of Triscari Field, but Mark Fitzpatrick’s hot bat sizzled even more.  He racked in a round tripper and five RBIs in just one inning to push the Cougars over the top.  Kyle Brown returned to the starting lineup for the first time this season, and Scott Fitzpatrick pitched a flawless eight innings on the hill.
New Video Posted with a smaller Version for Handhelds
We have posted a the video tape from yesterday and we have a new version which is available for handhelds and PSP's.  But for the PSP's you are going to have to do a conversion. We haven't test anything out yet so just be careful. But don't hesitate to go check out the video from yesterday and see the cougars win a tight game!

Awards Set for ‘05 Season
The 2005 World Series is over.  The champion has been crowned and it’s just about time to look forward to 2006.  But before we do, we’d like to honor the great performers of this past year!

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Cougars Open Spring Training with a Bang, Triscari Pleased with Dowd’s Performance
The Kyle Brown era is over.  It’s time to move on for the Colehamer Cougars.  In a game that held temperatures at 21 degrees, Cougar ace, Scott Fitzpatrick was as hot as ever.  He went 8.0 innings, racked up 7 strikeouts, and only gave up a mere 4 runs.  He seemed as if he were unhittable up until the eighth inning, where he gave up 3 of his four runs in the Cougars 17-4 victory over the Poestenkill Bums. 

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